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Sump Pump Repair


What is a sump pump?

A sump pump is a submersible pump designed to protect your home from water damage caused from flooding. It functions by removing excess water buildup gathered from your basement’s waterproofing system (weeping tile) and redirecting the accumulated water away from your property towards a storm drain, keeping your home dry and safe from harm.

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Sump Pump Maintenance

There are several easy ways you can preserve the health of your sump pump by performing a simple manual inspection. Typically, inspecting your sump pump once a year should be sufficient, however depending on how often your foundation is braving harsh watery weather; you may want to consider looking at it more often.
Dirt, gravel, and other forms of debris should be removed from the sump pump and the barrel upon inspecting it. Failure to remove the buildup after a period of time could reduce its ability to drain water, or it could clog the sump pump completely.


Sump Pump Battery Back Ups

Because sump pumps are electrical, power outages or other mechanical problems can cause them to fail which can result in sub-surface water entering your basement. It’s important to have a secondary battery backup for existing sump pump ready to take on the work when this occurs.
Another thing to consider when carrying out sump pump maintenance is to understand that it is mechanical, which means that even with proper care, it still has a limited lifespan. When it comes to this point, or even if you are having problems with repairing it yourself, it may be a good time to call a professional at Chapman Plumbing.

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One call, that's all!

Since Chapman Plumbings beginning, we have prided ourselves on our dependability, honesty, and high-quality service.
We can help you with all your sump pump needs; whether it’s providing a replacement, doing repairs, supplying a battery backup or a secondary sump pump, our team is committed to solving your problem. Whenever you need us and for whatever reason, we’ll schedule a time that works best for you.

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